binds, binding, bound
1) VERB If something binds people together, it makes them feel as if they are all part of the same group or have something in common.

[V pl-n together] It is the memory and threat of persecution that binds them together.

[V n prep/adv] ...the social and political ties that bind the USA to Britain.

[V-ed] ...a group of people bound together by shared language, culture, and beliefs. [Also V n]

2) VERB If you are bound by something such as a rule, agreement, or restriction, you are forced or required to act in a certain way.

[be V-ed by n] The Luxembourg-based satellite service is not bound by the same strict rules as the BBC...

[be V-ed to-inf] The authorities will be legally bound to arrest any suspects...

[be V-ed to-inf] There is a bottom deck though, so you're not bound to sit on top...

[V n to-inf] The treaty binds them to respect their neighbour's independence. [Also V n]

Derived words:
bound ADJ-GRADED v-link ADJ by n

The world of advertising is obviously less bound by convention than the world of banking...

Few of them feel bound by any enduring loyalties.

3) VERB If you bind something or someone, you tie rope, string, tape, or other material around them so that they are held firmly.

[V n adv/prep] Bind the ends of the cord together with thread.

[V n] ...the red tape which was used to bind the files...

[V n] He said there were cases where prisoners were tightly bound, often for several days.

4) VERB When a book is bound, the pages are joined together and the cover is put on.

[be V-ed in n] Each volume is bound in bright-coloured cloth...

[V n] Their business came from a few big publishers, all of whose books they bound.

[V-ed] ...four immaculately bound hardbacks.

Derived words:
-bound COMB in ADJ

...leather-bound stamp albums.

5) V-ERG If one chemical or particle is bound to another, it becomes attached to it or reacts with it to form a single particle or substance. [TECHNICAL]

[be V-ed adv/prep] At present nobody understands why these three quarks which are in the proton are bound together...

[V prep] These may bind to receptor molecules on the surfaces of cells...

[V prep] These compounds bind with genetic material in the liver.

6) VERB In cookery, if you bind a mixture of food, you form it into a mass by mixing it with a sticky substance.

[V n with n] Bind the mixture with the raw minced liver and cook for 3 minutes more.

[V-ed] ...a divine mixture of vegetarian cheeses bound with egg.

7) N-SING: a N If you are in a bind, you are in a difficult situation, usually because you have to make a decision or a choice and whatever decision or choice you make will have unpleasant consequences. [INFORMAL]

This puts the politicians in a bind as to what course to take...

I'll advance you the money for it, here and now, just to help you out of a bind.

8) N-SING: a N If you say that something is a bind, you mean that it is unpleasant and boring to do. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

It is expensive to buy and a bind to carry home.

9) See also , bound, double bind
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